Daiso Japan Group Interview

So a few days ago, I went to a group interview for Daiso Japan. It was held in a hotel function room and there were water jugs in the middle of the table with mentos, It actually was a really nice and spacious – and the atmosphere was quite relaxing!

To keep it short and simple, I’m just going to list what they made us do from beginning to end.

★ Folding origami then telling everyone what you made and having an interesting fact about yourself as an introduction.

★ Group activity where you had to promote a Daiso product.

★ Individual interviews –> they just asked you generic questions like asking you to tell them about yourself, what do you think you can bring to the company, what attracted you to work at Daiso?, past work experiences, etc.

Overall, it was a really fun experience and I got to meet some cool people! I’m wishing for success!

I hope this helps others that are going to Daiso group interviews.
Take care and goodluck!

♔ Lynne Beifong

InnisFree Color Change Tint Balm #2

Recently I did a Korean makeup/skincare haul and one of the products that I enjoyed the most was InnisFree’s Color Change Tint Balm in number 2 – Returning Mango. I bought this from RoseRoseShop for about AUD$7 after seeing some recommendations on Youtube and thought I would try this out.

The packaging gives off an organic feel

Number 2

The description from the site goes as follows;
“Moist Tint melt gently on the lips dyed a pretty color balm. Lips turned matching color on my lips tinged shows freshening. Protect your lips moist, rich moisturizing help prevent drying.”

The tube

Not surprisingly, the English is terrible but you guys get the gist right?

There is 3.5 grams of product and was not sticky at all when I applied it, the balm went on smoothly and you actually do not need alot for it to easily cover your lips. The color change mechanism will happen very quickly – I would say probably around 3-5 seconds and you will get the true color, and yes, the color is build-able. But  be careful when building up the colour because since the formula is so smooth, it may slip and slide around your face if you apply too much. Oh and the smell is divine as well – Just like mango candy!

Promotional Poster Featuring SNSD/Girl's Generation Yoona

Promotional Poster Featuring SNSD/Girl’s Generation Yoona

♔ Lynne Beifong

Supanova Sydney 2014 (Day 2 – Saturday 14th June 2014)

Hello all!
First off, I would like to welcome you to my blog :) This is a place where I will post about my beginner cosplay struggles/adventures as well as my hauls of makeup, gaming struggles and life in general!

So for my very first post, I’m talking about Supanova Sydney 2014 – my very first convention! It was so much fun and I can’t believe I didn’t go previous years :'( I was actually planning on stalking Nikolaj Coster-Waldau aka Jamie Lannister and taking selfies from afar (due to myself being too poor for his photos or autographs) but alas…all I saw was his poster showing where he was and a giant line of people in front of it.

Tears were had.

I only attended Saturday since I have uni finals coming up and was planning on studying the other days…but that obviously didn’t go as well as planned. But on the day, I cosplayed as Red Card Katarina with this HUGEEEE League of Legends group and I got to met so many talented cosplayers ahhhh it was crazy and everyone was so nice! The heat inside The Dome was unbearable at times because the heat that my wig was trapping was IMMENSE and just gave me a gigantic headache so I spent most of my time chilling outside. I didn’t get to catch some people I was anticipating seeing but overall it was still a great experience even though it was so crowded! Definately recommend if you are a fan of gaming, comics, anime, movies, pop culture in general! I can almost guarantee you will find someone that is cosplaying as something/someone that you are a fan of!

Some snapshots from the day! Sorry I don’t have that many because I didn’t want this post to be pic heavy ):


An amazing hannibal cosplay! (photo taken by my friend Wendy)

With Raven from Teen Titans!

With Raven from Teen Titans!

An awesome Mega Mawile from Pokemon! I scribbled out myself because I had THE most awkward pose ahahaha

There are definitely alot more amazing cosplays that I haven’t put up on here but I’m sure if you look around then you will be able to find many more photos from the day! My next con will be SMASH Sydney that’s happening in August 9th-10th! I’m planning to do Human forms for the Pokemon Umbreon and Ninetails. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish making them on time and if I’m lucky then I might even be able to do a photo shoot with my friend before SMASH, so make sure to look out for me until then!

♔ Lynne Beifong